Reconnect With Nature By Doing These

May 16, 2017


You might be someone who prefers to stay indoors. You might also be someone who works at home. Regardless, it may be time for you to reconnect with nature – not just to keep yourself healthy and fit, but also to fully enjoy what nature has to offer in your life.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry.

Reconnect with nature by doing these:

Exercise outdoors.

I know that you prefer staying indoors. I also know that you work at home. However, there’s no excuse for you not to be healthy and fit – and yes, by exercising outdoors. You see, you don’t need to go somewhere else. You don’t even need to go far away. Whether you’re jumping ropes in your frontyard or doing pushups in your backyard, exercising outdoors will not just keep you healthy and fit. It will also make you appreciate the fresh air blowing all over you and the bright rays shining down on you.

Get a park and recreation certification.

Being a certified park and recreation professional will not just allow you to get jobs in first-class tourist destinations. It will also make you fully enjoy what nature has to offer in your life by working in places that boast of scenic views, clear waters, luscious trees, and colorful flowers. It will also make you appreciate places you’ve never been to before or even places you’ve taken for granted before. What’s more, it will make you help others realize the importance of nature and everything that comes with it.

Indeed, reconnecting with nature by exercising outdoors and getting a park and recreation certificate proved to be more than just keeping yourself healthy and fit and fully enjoying what nature has to offer in your life. It’s about appreciating things and helping others, too.

Thus, it’s time for you to reconnect with nature…

Make Your Summer Filled with Outdoor Adventures with These Tips

June 2, 2016

The summer months are made for spending time outside enjoying the clear sky, soaking up some sun, and generally having fun. It would be a shame to spend most if it indoors. While it may be cooler inside the comforts of air-conditioned rooms, there is nothing like the wind in your face and the wide open spaces around you to awaken your sense of adventure. Making your summer months more exciting and unforgettable is a worthy goal. And here are some tips on how to add more outdoor adventures into your plans.


Organize a picnic with family and friends

Set a date for a picnic at a park near you. Invite family and friends for a get-together. Prepare some exciting games that everyone can play. A few hours spent in a park surrounded by beautiful scenery gives you a chance to reconnect with some of the important people in your life that you may not have been spending a lot of time with.


Work on your hiking list

Start working on whatever list of trails or hiking adventures you want to do. Plan at least one long hike or a few day hikes before summer ends. Explore some of the trails you have long wanted to cross off your list. Or if you can, travel to another city or country for some sightseeing and a trek.


Take up an outdoor sport

When was the last time you learned a new sport? Experience the fun of learning sports like cycling, football, rugby, and more. Or you can give water sports a try. Find a rowing club near you and sign up for their rowing programs. Learn the basics of kayak the next time you go to the beach or the lake. Playing an outdoor sport makes spending your time outside even more fun.


Spend summer somewhere off the grid

Go on a summer vacation somewhere off the grid. Rent a cabin in the woods, near a lake, or overlooking a beach. Use the time to go on a digital detox. Limit your use of gadgets and online communication. Instead, make the most of your vacation by doing things that you rarely have time for on ordinary days. Read books, go fishing, swim in the lake or sea, hike, camp out and sleep under the stars, and more. These are things that bring you closer to nature and will leave you with unforgettable memories once summer is over.